8x8 Virtual Office

Unified Communications

Incredibly advanced VoIP business phone service combined with Internet faxing, call recording, online meetings, and more. Unify your business communications with 8x8 Virtual Office.

Your business never sits still. Your employees may be down the hall, across the nation, or even on the other side of the world. Same with your customers. That makes keeping up with your communications and collaborating with others an ongoing challenge. 8x8 puts the power of Unified Communications at your fingertips to help you stay in touch with all the people who matter—with 8x8 Virtual Office.

Say Goodbye to Lost Productivity

Virtual Office takes business communications to the next level with smarter, more efficient ways to connect with customers and colleagues. Any employee with a Virtual Office Pro extension gets these powerful communication tools:

  • Virtual Office phone service—Reliable, feature-rich VoIP phone service.
  • Advanced call forwarding—Never miss an important call again by forwarding your office calls to your cell phone, home phone, or to all your numbers, simultaneously or in any order you decide.
  • Chat—Quickly resolve questions with inter-company chat that's safe and secure
  • Business SMS—Send, receive and track text messages.
  • Presence management—See who is on the phone, and who is available by checking their status icon; no more chasing people down.
  • Online meetings—Hold unlimited web, audio, and video conferences; instantly sharing content for training, remote interviewing and sales presentations.
  • Internet faxing—Send and receive unlimited faxes online.
  • Call recording—Easily record and save telephone calls.
  • Online dashboard—Easily manage and use all these features with our powerful online dashboard. Make calls, schedule meetings, send faxes and more.

Anywhere, Anytime Communication

8x8 Virtual Office gives you complete flexibility and mobility. Make calls, check voicemail, send online faxes, dial by extension, use the company directory, and more—whether you are in the office or not. Use the 8x8 mobile app to take your office phone calls with you on the go.

Easy to Install, Easy to Use, Easy to Move

8x8 Virtual Office is simple to install and easy to manage Just log in to your computer to make and manage calls, voicemails, meetings, and online faxes from your Virtual Office Online dashboard. Phones are easy to move, so you can rearrange the office on a whim.

Enormous Value

In addition to the convenience of having all your business communications at your fingertips, 8x8 Virtual Office delivers enormous value. Get all the business productivity tools you need at one low price unlike other providers, who charge more for supplying the same tools individually.

Big as You Need to Be

When you need additional services or features, 8x8 Virtual Office is more than ready. Add phone extensions quickly and easily as new employees come on board, or add new capabilities as demands increase.

Make More Informed Decisions with 8x8 Virtual Office Analytics

Have you ever asked yourself, "Are we missing calls and losing business?" "Are we getting the service quality we pay for?" "Who returns customer calls—and who doesn't?" These are just a few of the questions you can answer at a glance when you add on 8x8 Virtual Office Analytics dashboards and reports. Manage strategically—even globally—with real-time information that helps you make faster, better decisions in time to make a difference.

8x8 Virtual Office – Security, Reliability  and support


Entrust ICT and  8x8 ensure high reliability and business  continuity by delivering its cloud-based communications through the use of secure, fully redundant data centres. Fully certified, these top-tier data centres are placed in geographically diverse locations around the world (including Australia). As a publicly-traded company in the US, 8x8 is subject to compliance with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002. Accordingly, the information technology infrastructure controls are audited annually by independent internal and external auditors.


Entrust ICT &  8x8 employs extensive measures to ensure high availability, business continuity and disaster recovery for the communications at the heart of your operations. That’s how we deliver an average core call flow processing uptime of 99.997%.

Local Support

Entrust ICT is 8x8 local Australian alliance partner. Entrust ICT have trained, experienced staff who provide local support for the application in Australia. In the rare event of an issue, these local engineers will provide support to your solution. Additionally, Entrust ICT and 8x8 have higher level support agreements, further consolidating your support 

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