Entrust ICT provides wholesale Information and Communication Technology solutions specialising in broadband access and network based applications.

Our services provide simple, reliable, scalable, and cost effective solutions for SME, Corporate, and Government organisations.

As a wholesale only provider we market solutions through a channel partner network that includes leading IT Businesses, System Integrators and Service Providers.

It is our priority to provide value to our partners and to ensure that high level of product performance and customer service is maintained.


Entrust ICT is a wholesale ICT  business established in 2013 by QRHUB following the acquisition of Nextep Broadband assets and services from AAPT.

The acquisition included Nexnet vISP, Nexvoice VoIP , NEC CloudPBX, NEC Cloud Contact Centre, Sentre Firewall, ApplicationsNet platform and Broadband Access Services.

QRHUB Pty Ltd is an 100% Australian owned company formed in 2010 to provide
Quality Resources to the Information and Communication Technology sector.

Nextep Broadband was recognised as a leader in providing quality broadband and value added services through business grade performance, reliability, innovation and value. Entrust ICT is destined to surpass this reputation.

Entrust ICT builds on the strengths of experience with the majority of foundation staff previously being employed by NEC/Nextep

QRHUB has invested heavily in upgrading Nextep platforms and systems, deploying new infrastructure to enhance the provision of current and new services.

Entrust ICT is taking from the past, and moving forward to provide
services required by customers now and in the future.


Entrust ICT believes in a strong Organisational culture to provide a framework for how we do business and interact with customers, staff and stakeholders.

Vision Statement

Entrust ICT provides value through competitive, innovative, reliable, and compelling ICT solutions that meet the needs of our Partners and their customers, while delivering worth for internal stakeholders and a rewarding environment for employees.

Mission Statement

To establish Entrust ICT as the premier provider of quality wholesale Information and Communication Technology services in the Australian Market

To achieve this we will:

  • Ensure consistent, reliable, scalable and competitive service delivery to maximise customer growth and retention opportunities.
  • Continually review the market  and invest  in innovation to ensure we continue to provide customers with the most advanced offerings available.
  • Provide a high level of service in our interactions with our internal and external customers.
  • Deliver best of breed customer satisfaction with a likelihood of recommendation score greater than 85%.
  • Operate with integrity to achieve a superior customer experience via clear, simple and streamlined business processes and an attitude which puts the customer first in everything we do.
  • Foster a culture of passionate, highly skilled and highly engaged people whose actions and attitudes are the basis of our enduring success. Employee engagement shall exceed industry benchmarks.
  • Act in a way which is honest, fair, and responsible ensuring sustainable long term business practices.



We Value:

  • Our Partners
    We understand that our business exists to deliver clear and simple solutions to meet the needs of our Partners and their end customers. Through Partner insight and knowledge we continuously improve every Partner interaction.
  • Great People
    We hire on the basis of attitude, aptitude and skill yet above all we value people with strong values and treat people as they wish to be treated themselves.
  • Doing What We Say We Will Do.
    We always deliver clear and simple outcomes in the specified timeframes and to the standard that we say we will.
  • Team work.
    We provide a working environment that encourages staff members to have an appropriate balance between corporate and home life whilst still achieving our goals.
  • Performance.
    We value employees who operate like Entrust ICT is their business and balance commercially prudent business decisions with customer experience and ultimately share in the rewards that success brings.
  • Environment.
    We are committed to reducing our impact on the environment through encouraging environmentally friendly behavior in the workplace and through the products we develop.


Our culture determines our visions, our goals and our values, and is a key component 
of our business planning and strategic direction.



Entrust ICT is a Wholesale only provider of network based business ICT solutions that values our Partner relationships.

Our Partners are our Customers
Entrust ICT does not sell direct to end users, partnering with leading IT businesses, System Integrators, and Service Providers to provide solution for their customers. We acknowledge our Partners are at the coal face and listen to their requirements and suggestions. We take our role of an enabler seriously and provide additional assistance when Partners require specialist support outside of their normal level of expertise.

Our Partners come first and we are committed to helping our Partners succeed. We recognize that our Partners rely on us to provide them with market leading, affordable and reliable solutions. We accept and embrace that responsibility.

  • Our services are reliable.
  • We offer cost effective solutions and aim to provide competitive prices and real value to our Partners.
  • Our versatile solutions meet end customer needs - with our variety of services available, partners have the flexibility to choose the right options for their customer needs.
  • We listen to our Partners and focus on their experience as the customer, it is our job to assist them in meeting their goals.
  • Our services are largely promoted by reputation and experience, which give us added incentive to make sure your experience at Entrust ICT is positive.

Please complete our Partner enquiry form if you are interested in becoming an Entrust ICT Partner.

Entrust ICT works with our Partners to achieve success.


Entrust ICT
(ABN: 12 147 209 667)

50 Lynch St,
Hawthorn, 3122,
Victoria, Australia

Contact Information

Telephone: 1300 368 570 
Direct:         +61 3 8526 6800
Fax:              +61 3 8526 6899

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Hours of Operation

Office Hours: 
Monday-Friday 9am to 5pm.

Customer Service: 
Monday-Friday 8am to 6pm.

Monday-Friday 8am to 6pm.

Monday-Friday 8am to 4pm.

Operations Support: 
24/7, 365 days

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