DIY Cloud

DIY Cloud provides the tools for Partners wishing to build and operate their own Cloud solutions. 

This includes Cloud based applications that can be deployed either on Entrust ICT Cloud infrastructure or suitable third party platforms. Entrust ICT supports DIY Cloud with Professional Services to assist in Setup and Business As Usual functions.

ZStack is the next-generation, open-source IaaS platform which provides a unified platform to manage compute, network, and storage resources in Data Centres. ZStack adheres to the 4S standard (Simple, Strong, Smart, Scalable) to provide powerful private cloud features and add-on services.

PBXware Telephony Platform

PBXware is the world’s first and most mature IP PBX Professional Open Standards Turnkey Telephony Platform. Since 2004, PBXware has deployed flexible, reliable, and scalable New Generation Communication Systems to SMBs, enterprises, and governments worldwide by unifying the most advanced of latest technologies.